Cyber-bullying – what’s with sunscreen?

Bernays is probably worth pursuing, while not directly responsible for, he is the man that made persuasion and influence an art form. Drawing on the behavioural sciences from biblical times, through Machiavelli and Freud and resulting in Harlow and Skinner and more. He is the contemporary godfather of getting people to believe what isn’t and deny what is. Definitely worth getting to know.

Open Parachute

I know cyber bullying is a problem with teenagers but even oldies seem to fall victim. They don’t have to particpate in on-line discussion very long before they find cyber bullying is everywhere. Even gets used against innocent people like me attmepting to discuss scientific issues.

Not that it has ever tempoted me to think of suicide – age and maturity is usually accompanied by thick skin.

Mind you, my age does put me at a disdavantage – I actually don’t understand some of the abuse I get. The words are often unfamiliar, or they have different meaning to what I am used to.


A new one I found recently is “sheeple” – it seems to be used a lot by anti-fluoridation and anti-vaccination activists when they talk about people like me. I had to look it up. Here’s what I found out:

It is a term of derision…

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